Raw materials

Semi-finished Products We Use

Each of our products is only made to order. Just by stocking a wide range of raw materials we are able to shorten lead times of up to 4 months from our suppliers and thus be able to respond extremely flexible to your short term needs.

  • Cartons

    These cartons are on stock available with us, of course in FSC / PEFC quality:
    - Duplex carton (UD2)
    - Fresh fibre / Chromo carton (UC2)
    - Beermat (Woodpulp)
    - Other various sort of cartons

  • Lamination

    For the lamination we use these films, for example
    - PVDC
    - PE
    - Paraffin
    - OPP
    - Alu-sulphite

  • New: Eco-friendly Coatings

    In subcontracting or as a producer we can coat for you almost every carton type with specified polymers as LD-PE , HD-PE, PP, PA and various copolymers and with special coatings with anti-slip or non-stick properties. Even ultramodern "biopolymers" with oil barrier can be processed by us in the highest quality.

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  • Foils

    Further we have a wide range of membrane foils on stock, such as
    - Induction heat seal foil, sealable on PET, HDPE, glass bottles, etc. with various construction of foils like Alu/PET/PE, Alu/PET, Alu/Hotmelt, etc.
    - Alu/Glassine (Pergamin) membrane for gluing onto the bottle, golden or silver coloured
    - Metal-free Duplo-Pergamin foil (membrane to be glued onto the bottle/jar)

    Generally, every foil can be printed individually

  • Size of Printing and Punching

    We own tools for more than 175 different diameters which, ranging from 20,0 mm to 170mm diameter. Which diameter can we offer to you? We also own tools for rectangular inserts in more than 50 sizes ranging from  28 x 58mm to 65 x 97mm . Our transparent business organisation enables us to react nearly always extremely quick to new inquiries. Very small order quantities are not an obstacle to us and it is our advantage that decisions are straightforwarded and made without excessive deliberation.