Our Sealing Material at a Glance

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Liners for caps are available as „one-piece“, that means just the disc, or as „two-piece“, that means a disc with a membrane foil. The one-piece liners are used to seal the cap against the container or to give shape to a flexible packing (e.g. tea in bags). 

The „two-piece“ liners comprise of three components, the base liner which remains in the cap, the separation layer and the membrane foil, which will remain on the container mouth and which is a tamper-evident seal of originality. Each of our products is only made to order. Just by stocking a wide range of raw materials we are able to shorten lead times of up to 4 months from our suppliers and thus be able to respond extremely flexible to your short term needs.

  • One-piece Induction Seals for induction only; available as pre-cut discs and/or tape material

    depending on which sealing layer it is equipped with the one-piece induction liner can be sealed on bottles like HDPE, PP, PET, etc. As there is, for example, no carton which stays in the back of the closure when opening the bottle, this liner offers only a primary sealing. The peelable version comes along with a clean bottle rim after opening the jar. Typical applications are ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces, sport drinks, etc.

    An example for a structure of this sealing material

  • Discs without Membrane (without Foil) Unlaminated carton, laminated carton (e.g. with PE, PET or other materials, paraffin coated)

    These discs without membrane/foil are used in order to seal the closure better towards the bottle and/or to offer better barrier properties towards the filling good. Another advantage is to give shape to the existing packaging or just simply because of promotion reasons. This disc is available without coating, in rectangular, oval or round shape. This way the so-called tea-bag liners are made, which are used to stabilize the shape of the flexible packing.

    The discs can optionally be coated, either single or double sided. The coating offers better barrier properties towards the product. Depending on the actual application the following materials will be used: e.g.  Paraffin, OPP, PVDC, aluminium or similar materials. The carton can be printed as well for advertisement purposes, as instruction manual or for corporate identity purposes.. The refined carton will be now cut to the desired shape, round, oval or square, and inserted into the closure. This way for example the disc for honey is made.

  • Promotion and Special Discs

    Wake up your product!!  Up to now you have wasted precious premium advertisement space to bring your brand daily to the direct attention of your customer, so use now the previously wasted potential of your liners in order to reach your consumers with a superior advertisement space you pay for anyway: the liner! A daily “good morning” by your favourite coffee brand helps to start the day better, or add a free sample of your newest flavour with our promotion disc , or a CD single with the latest advertisement hit. You can also use the disc as printed discount voucher. Feel free to contact us and discuss how we can best realize the ideas of your creative department.

  • Discs with Punched and Perforated Hole

    Discs with hole, also in combination with printed foil (random print). The liners with fully cut out hole offer the possibility to place promotional items between the liner and the cap. A wide range of possibilities opens up for promotional ideas!! From raffles to recipe books up to samples of new products, CDs, catalogues, the possibilities are endless. The perforation of the discs is on top a sign of pilfer proofness, which poses an additional advantage when distributing free samples of merchandise.

  • Discs with Embossed Logo

    Only in combination with beermat board ( 1,4mm thickness). Embossing is a noble way of brand display and on the cost side quite reasonable. The printing of a foil comes along with a minimum order quantity. But here, with the embossing, we do not have a minimum order quantity so that the embossing is an acceptable alternative to the printed foil.

  • Eco-friendly Coatings Carton with environmentally friendly coating, for example for cup stock caps .

    In subcontracting or as a producer we can coat for you almost every carton type with specified polymers as LD-PE , HD-PE, PP, PA and various copolymers and with special coatings with anti-slip or non-stick properties. Even ultramodern "biopolymers" with oil barrier can be processed by us in the highest quality.

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