Baade + Endrulat today

Our production location in Hamburg In 2011 the company relocated to new premises only 3 km away from the old location. Thanks to the outstanding management and the support of the staff, the supply ability during the whole time of moving was assured. In the new location the capacity is expanded even more, in order to serve the continously growing demand. Customer focus, flexibility, short response time and innovation. These are the parameters which give us our strength. Besides great openness especially for unususal projects we also keep a big variety of raw materials at hand in order to be flexible and to help our customers. We are able to offer our sealing liner as tape material thanks to the additional capacities at our new location.
Extrusion and lamination machinery for sealing material

Our Present Location:

  • Modern machinery
  • Modern and social facilities for the staff
  • Location acccording to HACCP requirements


  • Centrally located between the Highways A23 and A7
  • Close to Hamburg Airport
  • Near to Seaport Hamburg


1993 – 2010

Paper manufacturing in Hamburg You can see the signpost of our old location in Hamburg Schnelsen in this picture where Baade+Endrulat produced from 1948 to 2010. In 1993 the third generation took over the management responsibilities, Ms. Stella Endrulat and Mr. Gerrit Endrulat. Since 2004 Mr. Hubert Darringer as Managing Director and Ms. Stella Endrulat are managing the company.


1928 – 1992

Old location top view Baade+Endrulat was founded in 1928 by Mr. Carl Endrulat and Mr. Rudolf Baade in central Hamburg , Germany. In the beginning the first products had been cardboard discs for glass milk bottles. Mr. Baade already died in 1929, since then Mr. Carl Endrulat led the company as sole proprietor. The growing business forced the company to move to bigger premises in 1934 to Hamburg Hammerbrook. In 1943 the company was totally destroyed in the air bombing of Hamburg. The machines that where salvagable had been repaired, and the manufacturing was moved to Schleswig, a rural country site north of Hamburg. After the war the production of liners for milk bottles had been resumed. Since 1948 we are at the current location in Hamburg Schnelsen.

After the currency reform in 1948 the production scope was widened to coffee and tea bag covers, while the demand for cardboard milk bottle covers quickly declined due to other more convenient closure systems. In the mid 1950ies the additional production of paper shopping bags was started, this business was discontinued in the 60ies due to the arrival of the plastic shopping bag. End of the 1960ies Baade+Endrulat started to produce laminate capliners, which is, until today the core business. Beginning of the 70ies Mr. Carl-Jörn Endrulat took over successfully the management from his father. Expansion of the European customer base, as well as expansion of production capacities marked this phase.