The structure of the liners without membrane in detail:

Carton disks without membrane sealingliner-without-membrane-details

These discs without membrane/foil are used in order to seal the closure better towards the bottle and/or to offer better barrier properties towards the filling good. Another advantage is to give shape to the existing packaging or just simply because of promotion reasons. This disc is available without coating, in rectangular, oval or round shape. This way the so-called tea-bag liners are made, which are used to stabilize the shape of the flexible packing.

The discs can optionally be coated, either single or double sided. The coating offers better barrier properties towards the product. Depending on the actual application the following materials will be used: e.g. Paraffin, OPP, PVDC, aluminium or similar materials. The carton can be printed as well for advertisement purposes, as instruction manual or for corporate identity purposes.. The refined carton will be now cut to the desired shape, round, oval or square, and inserted into the closure. This way for example the disc for honey jars.

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